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While cosmetology school can be a fun and rewarding experience, it can also be very expensive. Since cosmetology training can often be found outside of the traditional college setting, aspiring cosmetology students may not think there are cosmetology scholarships available to them. There are plenty of beauty school scholarships available, however.

In recent years, there has been a nationwide push to promote vocational programs that prepare students to enter the workforce with the marketable skills needed to succeed in their chosen careers. This movement has led to scholarship programs exclusively devoted to the financial needs of students, with the cosmetology field as no exception.

In order to meet tuition costs, businesses, corporations, and other organizations associated with the beauty industry are teaming up to provide scholarship opportunities to cosmetology students struggling financially. These beauty school programs are supported directly by schools, colleges and vocational schools.

In many cases, beauty schools scholarships are awarded based on merit or need. They may include restrictions on things like attendance and grades. Because cosmetology scholarships are career-based, there will be a limited number of awards and a large number of applicants. If you are interested in obtaining a scholarship, the key to receiving any award is to apply early.

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