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Permanent Makeup Training

Basic Training

Our Master educators offer the best available and extensive training program for starters and professionals. Learn the technique which fits you best: get up-to- date and skilled in microblading or get familiar with the extensive possibilities of micropigmentation.

Advanced Training

  • Advanced Brow Hair Strokes
  • Advanced Ombre / Fashion Powder Brows
  • Advanced Designer Eyeliner
  • Advanced Ombre Lips
  • Advanced Hybrid Pigmentation
  • Advanced Microblading

Dermapigmentation Training

  • Derma Fundamental Training (Medical Micropigmentation)
  • Advanced Dermapigmentation (3D Areola Pigmentation, Cosmetic Areola, Scar Camouflage)
  • Hairline/Scalp Pigmentation (Coming Soon!)

Focus Classes

  • Color Theory
  • Needles and Techniques
  • Advanced Brow Symmetry
VIP Expert Training

Enhance your permanent makeup skills with VIP classes taught by experts in the field!


Source: Career School Now - Nouveau Contour

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