Take the First Step Toward Your Cosmetology Career Now!


Click through to learn about different careers in cosmetology. Popular jobs include nail technician, makeup artist, hair-stylist, and barber. Learn about what these professionals do, the training it took to get there and salary information. Decided on a career? Find a cosmetology school near you.

  • Cosmetologist
    You, out of all your friends, are the go-to person for makeup and hair. You love experimenting with hairstyles and color.
  • Makeup Artist
    A licensed makeup artist will have many more career opportunities than someone who has not received professional training in their craft.
  • Hairstylist
    Hairstylists have to stay ahead of the rest, as styles and color trends are constantly changing and evolving.
  • Nail Technician
    Becoming a manicurist or nail technician just may be your career calling!
  • Esthetician
    Estheticians are skin care experts who are trained to use products which will enhance the facial and body skin of their clients.
  • Barber
    Barbers work with a mostly male client base. They will cut, color, shampoo hair but they may also provide shaving, facials, and hair-piece styling.