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Unique Careers In Cosmetology

Many people often think the cosmetology field is just about working in a hair salon, spa, or nail shop. However, the beauty industry offers a variety of unique opportunities for cosmetology careers. Here are just a few of the options.

TV, movies, and music videos

When it comes to TV, movies, and music videos, there are many people behind the scenes making actors and actresses look glamorous. Hairstylists and makeup artists must change the character’s appearance based on the script. Scenes may include inclement weather, aging, or fictional characters. Each change in the character’s appearance must be noted and recorded in case it needs to be reproduced again for other scenes.

Theater and concerts

Stage productions such as theater and concerts are in need of qualified individuals like you to style hair and makeup that can withstand powerful stage lights while adding extreme detail to the actors’ faces. Hair and makeup must be seen in furthest rows of an auditorium.

Photo shoots and runway

There are opportunities for cosmetology careers in both print and runway, whether you are styling hair for a photo shoot or completing the makeup looks for a fashion show. Everyone will be looking for the next season’s must-have looks in fashion, hair, and makeup: You’ll need to tap into your creativity and take risks in order to be the next trendsetter.

Cruise or luxury resorts

Cosmetology careers are available in areas where many people vacation or travel for business, including luxury resorts and cruise ships. Many people working in these environments say they love meeting new people from all over the world.

Make Your Career Your Own

The possibilities are endless. No matter what direction you choose, only you can determine the level of your own success. Putting extra effort into your work is easy, if you go after an area of the industry that excites you.

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