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Barbers - A Day in the Life

For those with a passion for modern style and new looks, the career path of barbering may be perfect. While barbering has traditionally been viewed as conventional, it has seriously evolved in recent years.

Bold, daring hairstyles are growing more popular. Clients want a unique image, and they are turning to the barbershop to get it.

As a result, the profession is now about more than just basic grooming. Barbering is an outlet for artistic expression.

If developing trends and helping clients look sharp interests you, read on to learn more about the daily life of a barber.

Barber Responsibilities

We all know that a barber’s main responsibility is cutting and trimming hair, but there are several other tasks that make up the daily routine of a barber.

Barbers also provide services like hair treatments, coloring, and dyeing. Additionally, using chemical solutions and precision styling tools and shaving or shaping clients’ facial hair are all part of any barber’s forte.

Two other keys to a great day at work are interpreting client desires and helping uncertain clients decide on a style:

Barbershop Communication

When clients come in and tell their barber what they’re looking for, it’s important that everyone is on the same page.

All barbers are expected to communicate and consult with their clients before, during, and after a cut. It’s up to the barber to guide clients throughout the haircuts to ensure their new looks leave them feeling satisfied and confident.

An Eye For Style

Have you ever walked into your barbershop with no idea what cut you want? You probably asked your barber for advice. Having an artistic eye for styles that best suit each client is a very valuable skill, and it’s one that can differentiate a good barber from a great barber.

Barbershop Environment

Barbers, like many other cosmetology professionals, aim to provide their clients with top-notch grooming services in a comfortable setting. The atmosphere in a well-run barbershop is welcoming, friendly, and at times even familial.

Because most clients at barbershops are male, many barbershops are often run with men in mind. It tends to be a place where men can unwind, have great discussions, and build relationships. In fact, some men even go to barbershops strictly for conversation and company, without any need for a haircut.

Where Do Barbers Work?

Barbers can be self-employed, or rent out a chair in a salon, barbershop, or spa. In fact, the opportunities for barbers have expanded in recent years to locations like airports, hotels, and resorts.

Of course, some barbers do decide to go out on their own and open their own barbershop or salon. With time and experience of working as a barber, anyone with a solid understanding of the business can own and operate their own shop.

Barber Hours & Pay

A standard work week looks different for every barber. Many are given the opportunity to make their own hours, which is more likely for self-employed barbers. However, as with almost any job, the more you work, the more you’ll make.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay among barbers was $39,350 in 2022. This figure may not include tips, meaning there may be even higher earning potential available. Your pay may also increase with your experience. 

If you’re a good barber at a well-run shop, you can make a very nice living. And, if you’re self-employed or own your own barbershop, you can make a whole lot more!

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