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​Inside The Student Salon

Beauty school salons are packed with stations that allow students to gain real-world experience with real clients. The student salon is an invaluable tool for you. You’ll learn how to master hair design, cutting, dying/highlighting, and washing, as well as nail care services. Some beauty school salons also have spa mini-treatments stations.

In-Depth Look Into The Student Salon

Many student salons have several stations. Everything you need to learn in order to cut and treat hair lies inside, including the following:

  • The haircutting station: This is where all the magic happens. You’ll learn how to cut and style hair in a number of different ways, such as pixie cut, cuts with long layers, short bobs, etc.
  • The washing station: You already know the basics of how to wash and condition hair, but there are some valuable lessons to be learned at the washing station, including proper scalp treatment and proper massage technique during a shampoo and conditioner treatment.
  • The highlighting and dying station: This station isn't just about how to work the dye into the hair. Here, you will learn how to mix chemical dyes to create the perfect color and how to avoid infection and rashes on the scalp during application. Studying the chemistry involved with hair and hair color is one of the most important skills you’ll learn.
  • The styling and shaping station: Learn how to set, shape, style, restyle, and re-texture hair. You’ll be taught hundreds of different styles and techniques, both in the "old" and "new" spectrum of hair trends.

Some beauty schools also have nail care and spa services, which teach you how to perform treatments in those areas. Students learn how to perform deep-conditioning scalp treatments, eye treatments, and a vast array of manicure and pedicure services.

Other Valuable Skills Students Learn In The Salon

Students who attend beauty school go far beyond simply making someone look good. You’ll also learn the “how-tos” of customer service and lessons in gaining a loyal clientele. Instructors will also teach you how to maintain a clean workstation as well as proper cleaning techniques of salon equipment, including hair rollers, scissors, combs, and hairbrushes.

Student cosmetologists learn the skills needed to avoid unsafe health situations that could result in legal ramifications. In other words, you learn how to prevent customers from forming serious health conditions as a result of performing salon services.

Look For Your School Here

Beauty school salons are designed to teach you all of the real-world skills you need to work in a full-service beauty salon. Learning these capabilities in a hands-on “real life” salon is a great way for students to learn, work and prepare for a successful career. Find a school with a student salon now to begin classes.

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