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Surviving And Thriving In The Cosmetology Industry

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in cosmetology but aren’t yet sure whether it’s the right choice for you? In general, if you enjoy working with others, expressing your creativity, and making others feel better about themselves, then a career in cosmetology can be very rewarding, both intrinsically and financially.

Why A Career In Cosmetology?

Which of the great parts about working in the cosmetology industry excites you the most? Is it using your style sense every day—and building a following of clients because of it?

Maybe the flexible schedule is what gets you: More than likely, you’ll have the option of working part time or full time. And once you establish a large enough client base, you could even set your own schedule to meet your needs and those of your clients. You may even end up working for yourself!

And depending on which specific route you choose to take with your cosmetology degree, you could be making a rather comfortable salary as well. There are so many different avenues you can take in the field. Some of the most common career paths in cosmetology include:

Potential Challenges In The Industry

Of course, no career path comes without its challenges. In this field, one of the most common difficulties people face is the speed at which trends change. It seems you can't go more than a few months without today's hottest trend turning into a fashion faux pas. You’ll need to constantly stay on top of your game to please clients.

Additionally, if you ask any successful cosmetologist now how long it took him or her to establish a comfortable living and reputation in the industry, the answer will likely be at least a few years. Those just starting off in the industry often find that they have to work long hours at sometimes less-than-ideal wages in order to build a client following and respect within the community.

How To Overcome Common Challenges

Fortunately, those considering a career in cosmetology can prepare to overcome these common challenges. Find a favorite industry publication (such as a hairstylist magazine or even a reputable makeup blog) and read it regularly to stay on top of the latest trends so you can offer them to clients. Taking continuing education courses is also recommended (and required to keep your license, in most cases).

Growth Starts Here

When it comes to establishing respect within the community, the best thing you can do as a new cosmetologist is work feverishly to set yourself and your skills apart. Build a portfolio. Have your own website and social media pages. Be known for your teachability and desire to learn new techniques. Put yourself out there: Hand out business cards to strangers and ask your clients to recommend you to friends. It'll take some work, no doubt, but it'll be more than worth it in the long run! Get into classes by finding a school near you.

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