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​What The Best Cosmetology Schools Have In Common

So, you're considering an exciting career in cosmetology. You might be leaning toward being a hairstylist or barber, or perhaps becoming a makeup artist is the goal. No matter what your future plans are, you need to enroll in a great cosmetology school to help get you there.

Choosing The Right Cosmetology School

The best cosmetology schools don't have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, they shouldn't. What the best schools should do: have these certain qualities, which will make them great schools to attend.

Listen to these tips when searching for the best beauty programs. They will help you evaluate a school.

  • Good cosmetology schools will have an admissions staff, and an admissions representative should be more than happy to give you information about the school, the programs, classes offered, total costs, class sizes, and more.
  • Does the school have a salon (or several)? The best cosmetology schools have salons in which you can practice, both on dummies (when you're a beginner) and real clients (after you've learned the skills you need). Getting real-world experience before graduating is imperative.
  • A good cosmetology school will also offer you help with picking out items for your cosmetology kit. Schools know the brands of tools that will last well into your career, if you take care of them.
  • A good cosmetology school will have clean facilities and classrooms, helpful staff and teachers, and several areas where you can practice. Go on a tour of the school before you enroll; Seeing the facilities in person will give you a clear idea of what the school is like.
  • Make sure that the school you choose teaches all the skills you want and need. When comparing and contrasting schools and programs, don't simply go with the cheapest.
  • Does the school you're considering have a job placement program? Some of the best cosmetology schools can lighten the burden of job hunting. If you excel in school, they'll share opportunities and introduce you to the right people. You can start working in the cosmetology industry right away. 

Qualifications To Enroll

Almost every cosmetology school requires potential students to have their GED or high school diploma before enrolling. There are some schools, however, that require students who have a GED to take extra exams before they can enroll. Many schools require you to be at least 17 or 18 years of age. Some schools also require you to take an assessment test to make sure you have the minimum requirements for admission.

Potential Careers

There are a number of cosmetology career paths you can choose. They include:

  • Hair stylist/barber
  • Makeup artist
  • Manicurist/nail care technician
  • Salon manager or owner
  • Salon sales consultant
  • Fashion show artist or stylist
  • Health and beauty journalist
  • Beauty care marketing specialist/manager

Find Your School, Start Your Career

Graduating from a good cosmetology school will give you the real-world skills you need to snag the perfect job after graduation, and it will teach you how to shine at your new dream job.

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