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Tools You Will Need For Cosmetology School

Your cosmetology student kit is going to be your best friend for the duration of your cosmetology schooling—and even deep into your career, depending on the quality of the items you purchase. Your kit could cost you anywhere between a couple hundred dollars to over $2,000; the more extensive the range of tools in it, the greater the cost. Sometimes, your textbooks are included in the kit as well. Some schools provide tools for an additional cost beyond tuition, some recommended products and vendors, and others expect you to pick out and buy your own items.

Your Standard Cosmetology Student Kit

Your tools will be handled a lot, so make sure to buy durable ones that are decent to high-quality products. Each school may have its own list of kit requirements, but the basics are the same.


You’ll need to purchase a hair dryer, diffuser, straightening iron, curling iron, apron, client capes, mirror, shears, mannequin heads, brushes, and clippers. For a barber, an electric razor and shaving supplies will be added to the rest of the cosmetology kit.

Nail technician

States have their own criteria for the licensing exam, so check with yours to make sure you are purchasing the right supplies. Manicure supplies you’ll need to buy are toe separators, nail buffers and files, nail clippers for both hands and feet, hand and feet mannequins, manicure bowl, tools used for false nails, polish, polish removers, and nail wipes.

Makeup artist

You may need theatrical makeup and all its accessories if you are specializing in the niche. Otherwise, general makeup artist toolkits will include makeup brushes, foundations, liners for lips and eyes, blush, bronzer, highlighters, eye shadows, and other cosmetics.


Before you buy products, find out which ones your school of choice works with. You’ll need cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliators, gloves, makeup, eyebrow tools, wax, and wax strips.

Check With Your School

Find out what is needed from your school admissions rep, so you can be ready with the right tools in your cosmetology kit the moment you begin your education. If you still need to lock down where you are attending, look into schools near you.

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