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Beauty School Classes Included In Your Training

Hair styling, makeup application, hair color, oh my! So many fun, creative career options are waiting for you if attend and graduate from cosmetology school. What, exactly, is involved in cosmetology? What types of classes are you expected to take?

Basic safety and sanitation

Because you’ll be working with someone’s hair, skin, or nails, learning to take sanitary precautions is paramount to keeping you and your client safe and healthy. In the safety and sanitation course, you’ll learn how to clean and maintain all your equipment, so germs aren’t spread.


You’ll learn to wash, cut, and style hair for both men and women. You’ll also be taught how to use hair color and highlight. There will be beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes as you go through your education.

Aesthetics and hair removal

On top of hair and nails, you’ll be taught other grooming services, such as hair removal. In this course, you’ll learn how to wax and tweeze eyebrows as well as de-fuzz other areas of the body. You’ll also begin learning makeup application and the basics of skincare.


In the nail courses, you’ll be taught how to give manicures and pedicures. You’ll learn how to give hand and foot massages as well as how to shape nails. Expect to learn paraffin wax treatments and other popular spa specialties that your clients will be asking for.

Skin science

Skin science is all about facials. Here is where you’ll learn skin analysis, proper products, and how to use them on the face, plus the right way to use the necessary application tools. You will be taught how to do skin conditioning, masks, and facials. You’ll also learn massage techniques.

Salon management

You’ll need to know how businesses run. You should have a working knowledge of salon management, communications, and organization. You may also learn how to hire and fire, and how to search for a job.

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Throughout your cosmetology education process, you’ll be learning how to work on mannequins as well as real people. You’ll also be constantly preparing for the state board exams, which you must pass before you can work in a salon. It all starts with your training; find your school near you now.

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