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Online Cosmetology Classes: Should You Try Them?

The recent trend in beauty isn’t a new makeup technique or hair color process. It’s more schools leaning toward online cosmetology training.

Online Cosmetology School: Is It A Good Idea?

The long-short of it: No, online cosmetology school isn’t a good idea. And the reality is, as of this moment, no cosmetology schools even offer programs that are 100 percent online.

However, it looks as though it’s becoming more of a possibility as schools find new ways to train you with technology. Some states allow up to 50 percent of your cos credits to be done via an online route.

The trouble is, cosmetology is a combination of coursework and hands-on practice. To gain the proper skillset and knowledge base, you need to have both of those aspects in your education. With any type of online school, it eliminates the interaction you’ll have with peers and instructors, a facet of your schooling that will help you grow and gain experience in your profession.

It Has Its Benefits, Though

In general, online courses are very flexible and can make your education convenient on so many levels. There are some schools that are already delivering their training materials online instead of through bulky textbooks. Talk about a relief for shoulders and backs everywhere!

Online cosmetology schools are advantageous if you are working full time or have other commitments; you go over the same amount of material covered in a traditional classroom, and you can do it at your own pace.

Another check in the pro column is that online schooling sometimes has a lower cost than the traditional school setting.

Another Thing You Can Do Online

Practice makes perfect, right? And one thing you want to do well on is your state board exam. You’ll have 90 minutes to complete the multiple choice exam that combines all the different services you learned such as nails, hair, and skincare, along with the scientific concepts.

Preparing and studying ahead of time will not only help you avoid being nervous, but it also will help get you a higher passing score. We have a set of cosmetology practice tests to help measure your knowledge of general cosmetology information.

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