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Surviving And Thriving In The Cosmetology Industry

Building a career doesn’t have to feel daunting. Success happens step by step.

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​Seven Movies To Inspire A Cosmetology Career

While some of these stories are fictitious, in real life, just like in the movies, starting a career as a cosmetologist is a great idea.

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Unique Careers In Cosmetology

Cosmetology isn't limited to a salon. With a cosmetology license, you have so many workplace options.

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Understanding Your State's Cosmetology License Requirements

To work in the industry, you need a cosmetology license. Every state has a different set of requirements.

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Cosmetology Careers Within The Salon

You’re starting a career in cos? Great! See where you will fit in after your training.

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An Esthetician's Role In The Medical Field

With a little more training, medical estheticians can do additional procedures, making them different than other estheticians.

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